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We’re an international organisation with market leading businesses throughout Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. We’re also founding members of the CMS organisation of major independent European law firms.  CMS brings ten leading European law firms together under one banner. Each CMS firm is well-established in its own jurisdiction and well-versed in collaborating with colleagues on multi-jurisdictional projects. Something that you’ll almost certainly get the chance to do on a day to day basis.

Most recently we’ve added a Portuguese law firm to our network. And beyond Europe, CMS is a growing force in Russia, China, the Middle East and South America. All of which opens up even more possibilities for you.

We work hard to be a truly client-focused law firm. This means understanding the unique needs and challenges of each market sector and providing a service that’s tailored to the particular concerns and requirements of each client.  We focus on relationships, not deals. Our partners are hands-on and work hard to get closer to clients with everything from joint training initiatives and advice ‘surgeries’ to visits and social events. Our client-focused teams are the ideal balance of industry expertise and personalities to suit both the client and the deal. So you could be working with colleagues from across our practice areas and any of our international offices. And when you’re always interacting with people from different cultures, backgrounds and specialisms, you can’t help but learn and develop your knowledge and interpersonal skills to help you in your track to become a future partner.

We’re considered more accessible than many of our competitors. Our clients tell us they like working with us and that we’re seen as the human face of the law. And independent surveys reveal that our own people think we’re down to earth and that our partners are very approachable. So expect an open, welcoming, supportive working atmosphere, colleagues who’ll be happy to share their expertise and the chance to make lifelong friends as well as rapid progress.

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