About Ofgem

Britain’s energy industry currently stands on the cusp of great change, and Ofgem has a key role as industry regulator to help deliver a low-carbon future.

While energy policy is set by government, Ofgem – as energy regulator – will play a key role in the changes taking place in the energy industry.

The number of government environmental programmes we have been asked to administer is growing. So we need to recruit more staff to help us administer these programmes effectively. For example, the government will be introducing its Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

We work efficiently, delivering around £4 billion of environmental programmes for just £8 million. Typically, we administer environmental schemes for less than 1 per cent of the total programme cost.

If you are ready to help tackle some of the most important changes that we face, then now is the time to join us.

Whether in an administrative, economic or policy role, you will have a chance to play your part in influencing Britain’s energy future.

We have some exciting opportunities for you. And by joining us now, you’ll be helping us carry out both our regulatory and Ofgem E-Serve’s environmental duties in the most efficient way possible, for all consumers: now and in the future.

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