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14 Apr 2012
14 May 2012
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So your sat at your desk and its a horrendous atmosphere in the office. You have to make yourself 'look' like you have something to do and the partners in turn who have seen their client base fall off a cliff are also just having endless meetings about nothing and petrified about being forced out of the partnership and losing their homes in the process.

You are under insurmountable pressure to justify your existence but any time you enter is just written off by your supervising partner who claims all the credit for himself or herself.

Your brain feels like its literally going to explode with the level of tension and pressure in the office and partners who were used to being spoon fed mountains of work and living the high life during the boom years have come back down to earth with an absolutely colossal thud and no longer have the flash cars, great holidays and superb lifestyle associated with being a London lawyer. Instead they are pulling their kids out of private school and tightening their belts wherever possible. And its YOU who is to blame somehow !

Well escape it all !! London as a market has been pulverised and will not come back to anything even approaching a semi busy market for 5 years at least.

You need to act and act NOW to keep yourself happy and sane and your career on track.

There is another route and a route that will offer you a really happy vibrant existence, a great lifestyle, a low tax environment and also absolutely superb quality of work.

London lawyers are currently wrecking their own careers by sticking with a market that will deliver nothing but either redundancy or at the very very best a CV that quite obviously has no quality of experience.

As such when overseas expat lawyers come flooding back to the London market in five years anybody who has stayed in the London market will be way out of their depth against the competition returning home.

The overseas market is booming. Don't believe anybody when they say this is a world recession ! Its just the Eurozone that is in the doldrums.

The overseas markets are very busy and whether its the Far East, offshore jurisdictions, Russia and Eastern Europe, the US, or Australia or any number of other emerging market jurisdictions the market is busy busy busy.

Abacus Legal specialise in overseas placements and have a unique and extremeley senior level network globally of incredibly influential partners / senior level managers and as a result we are able to effect introductions way beyond the reach of the mainstream agencies.

Candidates placed overseas by Abacus Legal are currently enjoying total security of work and also extremely high quality work as well and are working in offices and jurisdictions that are happy !

So there is another way !

For further information about overseas moves please email or call Steven Clarke at Abacus Legal on 0117 942 9999.